B BARNERBARNER: BLUE LIGHT Blocking Glasses for Men and Women

B BARNERBARNER: BLUE LIGHT Blocking Glasses for Men and Women

B BARNERBARNER: BLUE LIGHT Blocking Glasses for Men and Women

Are you tired of experiencing eye strain and fatigue after long hours in front of a screen? Look no further! B BARNERBARNER presents a revolutionary solution to protect your eyes from harmful blue light with our stylish and functional glasses.

Introducing Our Collection

Our collection of blue light blocking glasses is designed for both men and women. Whether you’re working on a computer, scrolling through your phone, or gaming, our glasses will provide the ultimate protection for your eyes.

Computer Glasses

Our computer glasses are specifically designed to reduce eye strain caused by prolonged exposure to digital screens. The neutral lenses filter out blue light, allowing you to work or browse the internet for hours without discomfort.

Screen Glasses

Screen glasses are perfect for those who spend a significant amount of time on their phones or tablets. The lenses block harmful blue light emitted by these devices, ensuring your eyes stay protected and refreshed.

Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses are a must-have for avid gamers. The lenses not only block blue light but also enhance contrast and reduce glare, providing a more immersive gaming experience while keeping your eyes safe.

The Chamberi – Hexagonal Frame

Our Chamberi collection features a stylish hexagonal frame that adds a touch of sophistication to your look. The lightweight design ensures maximum comfort, making these glasses suitable for all-day wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do these glasses require a prescription?
  2. No, our blue light blocking glasses are non-prescription. They are designed to provide protection and comfort for everyone.

  3. Can I wear these glasses over my contact lenses?
  4. Absolutely! Our glasses can be worn over contact lenses without any issues.

  5. How do blue light blocking glasses work?
  6. Blue light blocking glasses use special lenses that filter out blue light, reducing eye strain and protecting your eyes from potential damage.

  7. Can I wear these glasses while driving?
  8. While our glasses are primarily designed for screen use, they can also be worn while driving to reduce glare and enhance contrast.


Investing in a pair of B BARNERBARNER blue light blocking glasses is a smart choice for anyone who wants to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. With our stylish designs and functional features, you can enjoy long hours in front of screens without compromising your eye health. Shop our collection today and experience the difference!