CIGARLOONG Cigar Cutter and Lighter Set

CIGARLOONG Cigar Cutter and Lighter Set

CIGARLOONG Cigar Cutter and Lighter Set

Introducing the CIGARLOONG Cigar Cutter and Lighter Set, the perfect companion for any cigar enthusiast. This set includes a double blade cigar guillotine and a refillable lighter with 4 jet torch flames. To top it off, it also comes with a sleek zinc alloy ashtray.


Double Blade Cigar Guillotine

The cigar guillotine in this set features a double blade design, ensuring a clean and precise cut every time. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it is durable and long-lasting.

4 Jet Torch Flames

The refillable lighter included in this set boasts 4 jet torch flames, providing a powerful and even flame for a quick and efficient cigar lighting experience. With an adjustable flame control, you can easily customize the intensity to suit your preference.

Zinc Alloy Ashtray

The zinc alloy ashtray adds a touch of elegance to your smoking experience. Its sturdy construction ensures stability, while the deep bowl design allows for ample ash storage. The removable grid makes cleaning a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cigar cutter suitable for all cigar sizes?

Yes, the double blade cigar guillotine can accommodate cigars of various sizes, making it versatile and convenient.

How long does the refillable lighter last?

The refillable lighter has a large fuel capacity, allowing for multiple uses before needing to be refilled. The exact duration will depend on usage.

Can the ashtray be easily cleaned?

Yes, the removable grid in the zinc alloy ashtray makes cleaning a simple task. Just remove the grid, empty the ash, and wipe it clean.


The CIGARLOONG Cigar Cutter and Lighter Set is a must-have for any cigar aficionado. With its double blade cigar guillotine, 4 jet torch flames refillable lighter, and stylish zinc alloy ashtray, it offers both functionality and style. Treat yourself or gift it to a fellow cigar lover and elevate your smoking experience.