Dakine Carry On Roller 42L Travel Bag Suitcase

Dakine Carry On Roller 42L Travel Bag, Suitcase

Dakine Carry On Roller 42L Travel Bag, Suitcase

Are you tired of struggling with heavy and bulky suitcases during your travels? Look no further! The Dakine Carry On Roller 42L Travel Bag is here to make your journey more convenient and enjoyable.

Split Level Design for Practical Packing

Thanks to the innovative Split Level Design, this spacious and sporty trolley case allows you to pack your belongings in a practical and organized manner. No more digging through a messy suitcase to find what you need! With the handy mesh partitions in the upper flexible part, you can neatly store your clothes and accessories while maintaining a perfect overview during your holiday.

Perfect Wheeled Trolley for Easy Transportation

Traveling can be exhausting, especially when you have to carry heavy bags. The Dakine Carry On Roller 42L Travel Bag is designed to comply with most airlines’ hand baggage requirements, making it the perfect companion for your trips. With its sturdy wheels and telescopic handle, you can effortlessly maneuver through crowded airports and busy streets. Say goodbye to backaches and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience!

Quick Access Zipped Outer Pocket

We understand the importance of easy access to your essentials. That’s why this hand baggage case features a convenient zipped external pocket on the front. You can quickly retrieve your travel documents or any other items you need on the go. Plus, the practical ID pocket ensures that your important documents are always within reach.

Made of High-Quality Recycled Polyester Fabric

At Dakine, we believe in sustainability and protecting the environment. That’s why the Dakine Carry On Roller 42L Travel Bag is made entirely of durable Recycled Polyester fabric. Not only is it a stylish and trendy choice, but it also contributes to reducing waste and promoting a greener future. Choose a travel bag that is not only functional but also respectful of the environment.


The Dakine Carry On Roller 42L Travel Bag is the ultimate solution for travelers who value convenience, organization, and sustainability. With its Split Level Design, perfect wheeled trolley features, quick access zipped outer pocket, and high-quality Recycled Polyester fabric, this travel bag ticks all the boxes. Say goodbye to heavy and disorganized suitcases and say hello to a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience. Choose Dakine for your next adventure!