Dixell XR30D-5: The Ultimate Temperature Control Solution

Dixell XR30D-5: The Ultimate Temperature Control Solution

Dixell XR30D-5: The Ultimate Temperature Control Solution

Are you in need of a reliable and versatile temperature control solution for your business or home? Look no further than the Dixell XR30D-5. This innovative product offers a range of features and specifications that make it the perfect choice for a variety of applications.

Key Features

Mounting and Installation

The Dixell XR30D-5 is designed for easy mounting on DIN rail, taking up only 4 modules of space. This makes it a convenient and space-saving option for installation.

Output Relay

With a 20A output relay for the compressor and an 8A relay for auxiliary functions, the XR30D-5 provides reliable and powerful control for your temperature management needs.

Probe and Input

The product comes with 1 PTC probe/NTC (not included) and a configurable digital input, giving you the flexibility to adapt to different temperature sensing requirements.

Hot Key

The XR30D-5 features an output hot key, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to the temperature control settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of probe is compatible with the XR30D-5?

The XR30D-5 is compatible with both PTC and NTC probes, providing flexibility for different temperature sensing needs.

Can the XR30D-5 be used for both commercial and residential applications?

Yes, the XR30D-5 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including commercial refrigeration, HVAC systems, and residential temperature control.


The Dixell XR30D-5 is a versatile and reliable temperature control solution that offers a range of features to meet your specific needs. Whether you need precise control for commercial refrigeration or flexible temperature management for your home, the XR30D-5 is the ultimate choice.