Greesum Outdoor Storage Shed 6 x 6 ft Canopy Portable Shelter

Greesum Outdoor Storage Shed 6 x 6 ft Canopy Portable Shelter

Are you tired of clutter in your yard or garage? Do you need a reliable and versatile outdoor storage solution? Look no further than the Greesum Outdoor Storage Shed! Our 6 x 6 ft canopy portable shelter is the perfect way to protect your valuable items from the elements while keeping them easily accessible.


Sturdy Construction

The shed’s frame is crafted from robust steel with a high-quality rust-resistant coating, ensuring long-lasting protection against corrosion, chipping, and rusting. The frame is securely anchored into the ground, offering exceptional stability even on windy days.

Convenient Rolling Zipper Door

Our storage sheds feature a removable roll-up door equipped with a double-ended zipper, allowing easy access from both inside and outside. The top of the shed is designed with hook and loop fasteners for effortless rolling and securing, promoting improved air circulation and visibility.

Durable and Waterproof Cover

The shed’s cover is made from high-density polyethylene fabric, providing excellent waterproofing and durability. With added features like front curtain style, dual-sided zippers on the door, UV protection, and a waterproof coating, your valuable items will stay protected from seasonal elements.

Versatile Usage

This multi-functional shed serves not only as a bike house but also caters to various other needs, including motorcycle parking, small lawn mower storage, firewood shelter, or a home for agricultural and gardening tools.

Easy Assembly

No tools required! With simple hands-on instructions, the entire installation process takes just about 30 minutes. Please remember to use the provided gloves while handling the iron pipe coated with anti-rust oil during installation.

Package Includes

  • A Storage canopy
  • A tool kit
  • A manual of installation and usage


Is the shed easy to assemble?

Yes, the shed can be easily assembled with no tools required. The user-friendly guide ensures hassle-free installation.

What is the shed made of?

The shed features a robust steel frame and a waterproof, high-density polyethylene cover, ensuring reliable protection for your valuables.

Can the shed withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes, the shed is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, providing unmatched versatility and protection for your items.


The Greesum Outdoor Storage Shed is the perfect solution for all your outdoor storage needs. With its sturdy construction, convenient features, and versatile usage, it provides reliable protection for your valuable items while offering easy access and assembly. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organized outdoor storage with our Greesum shed!