VINGLI Upgraded Patio Wooden Porch Swing for Courtyard & Garden

VINGLI Upgraded Patio Wooden Porch Swing for Courtyard & Garden

VINGLI Upgraded Patio Wooden Porch Swing for Courtyard & Garden

Upgrade your outdoor experience with the VINGLI Upgraded Patio Wooden Porch Swing. With a high weight capacity of 880 lbs and an ergonomic design, this swing is perfect for enjoying leisure time in your courtyard or garden. The swing features adjustable chains for personalized comfort and a well-coated surface for durability. Assembly is quick and easy, making it a great addition to any outdoor space.


Upgraded Chains

You can adjust the angle of the patio swing by adjusting the chains. Then it will fit you better! Also, the part of the chains which connects with the wood frame is loop-locked to provide you with better security.

Ergonomic Design

Our VINGLI porch swing curves in the knee area to provide you the best sitting experience. It will never hurt your knees or back. Just sit on it and enjoy your leisure time.

High Weight Capacity

The VINGLI swing bench can hold up to 880 lbs! With its 5ft width, usually 3 persons are available! You and your friends or family will have great fun with it.

Well-Coated Surface

Compared with other swings with raw wood material, our porch swing chair outdoor is more durable with its well-finished surface.

Easy Assembly

After our test on the sample of the VINGLI patio porch swing, 2 persons can finish the whole process in just 20 minutes! One thing you should notice is that don’t screw into the holes too tightly at the beginning. When everything’s done, then tighten them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the weight capacity of the swing?

The swing has a weight capacity of 880 lbs.

2. Can the angle of the swing be adjusted?

Yes, the swing features adjustable chains that allow you to adjust the angle for personalized comfort.

3. How many people can fit on the swing?

The swing has a width of 5ft, which can usually accommodate 3 persons.


The VINGLI Upgraded Patio Wooden Porch Swing is a durable and comfortable addition to any courtyard or garden. With its high weight capacity, ergonomic design, and easy assembly, it provides the perfect spot for leisure time and relaxation. Upgrade your outdoor space with this swing and enjoy the benefits it brings.