teytoyBaby Crib Mobile for Bassinet

teytoyBaby Crib Mobile for Bassinet

teytoyBaby Crib Mobile for Bassinet

Introducing the teytoyBaby Crib Mobile for Bassinet, the perfect addition to your newborn’s nursery. This high contrast black and white musical mobile comes with 4 plush animals, providing visual and auditory stimulation for your little one.

Main Features

High Contrast Design

The black and white color scheme of the mobile is designed to capture your baby’s attention and support visual development.

Musical Function

The mobile plays soothing music to help lull your baby to sleep, creating a calming environment in the nursery.

4 Plush Animals

The set includes 4 adorable plush animals – a bear, a rabbit, a fox, and a raccoon – to keep your baby entertained and engaged.


Visual Stimulation

The high contrast design stimulates your baby’s vision and promotes cognitive development.

Auditory Stimulation

The musical function provides auditory stimulation, helping to soothe and comfort your baby.


The plush animals keep your baby entertained, encouraging motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mobile easy to attach to a bassinet?

Yes, the mobile comes with a secure attachment mechanism that is easy to install on most bassinets.

Can the music be turned off?

Yes, the music can be easily turned on and off using the control button on the mobile.

Are the plush animals machine washable?

Yes, the plush animals are machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.


The teytoyBaby Crib Mobile for Bassinet is a must-have for any nursery. With its high contrast design, musical function, and adorable plush animals, it provides the perfect combination of visual and auditory stimulation for your baby. Give your little one the gift of entertainment and development with this delightful crib mobile.